What is In Old News?

About In Old News

This is a roundup of our work, goals and policies. Because we want you to know us better and look forward to getting to know you a little. (Write to us editor@inold.news) In Old News is a place where journalists come together to tell stories, but also to share with others how to tell stories in new ways using new technologies and techniques. For this, we host events and trainings, and publish stories by them or even about them. Our first milestone was to set up this space in a way that it allows us to explore interesting stories and the work that goes into the storytelling process.  Our next milestone is opening it up by finding more people who would like to contribute to it and helping them in either creative or operational or financial capacities.  We use funds and grants for media development initiatives to fund our storytelling, series and trainings. This also helps us add more tutorials and guides to our toolbox. Which is used to training journalists and fund their projects.

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We are constantly working on improving the stories we publish, how we publish them and who publishes with us. Our efforts manifest in three forms: 

  • Stories we tell
  • Projects we do
  • Events we hold

Our Policies

The aim of the recommended policy and procedures in this document is to minimize the risk of theft, fraud, or cash mismanagement. We request everyone working with us to follow them and check for any amendments regularly. If there are any issues or requests, please reach out to the email: editor@inold.news

Timekeeping and Payroll procedure  
All members of a team of contractors working on a project are requested to provide a timesheet with the estimated time spent on various tasks. The reporting will not have an impact on the agreed upon compensation owed to the contractor by In Old News LLC. But this documentation combined with a performance review can be used to negotiate changes (increment/decrement) in hourly rate, within reason.  

Reimbursements and Expenses Procedure
Costs such as travel incurred by a contractor or partner for the purpose of a project that has dedicated budgets can be claimed as reimbursement.  An advance can also be requested based on the estimated cost, for which funds will be provided appropriately on approval. The approval of such advance or reimbursements will be based on necessity, and relevance to the project. The signing authority for anticipated reimbursements and advances will be Sanshey Biswas (editor@inold.news).  

Procedure for miscellaneous payments  
All contractors and partners are requested to report any request for payment for services or goods by vendors on a one-time or recurring basis to their project manager or Sanshey Biswas (editor@inold.news). Upon review of the expenses, they will carry out the negotiation or payments and add it to the books and financial report.

Our Ethics

This document aims to illustrate the ethics In Old News LLC works to uphold. This document is always evolving with regular updates. And for any discussions, you can email: editor@inold.news  

Respectful Work Environment
One of the foundational beliefs upon which In Old News LLC was built was that our company can only be successful when we and those we work with are treated with dignity and respect.  In Old News believes in equal opportunity. No contractor working with In Old News LLC will be discriminated against because of race, colour, sex, origin, age, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity or any other non-merit based factor. Any contractor who feels they have been subjected to harassment or discrimination should report the incident to their project manager or Sanshey Biswas (editor@inold.news).  

Honest Communication
As a media organisation, we have a responsibility to uphold ethics. Everyone who works at In Old News LLC, should feel comfortable to speak out about concerns about ethics and conflicts of interest. Project managers have a responsibility to make contractors feel comfortable discussing these questions.  All reported instances of unethical behaviour will be investigated by In Old News LLC. When unethical or questionable behaviour is found, In Old News LLC will take appropriate action.  

Trust and Credibility
In Old News LLC recognises contractor, client and donor trust as integral to the success of our business. Our credibility is built on the honesty and integrity with which we complete of our commitments, and achieve our company goals. We understand that when it comes to credibility, actions speak louder than words. So for every project, we will consider the following questions: Can we fulfil our commitment? Will this project help us create a successful and sustainable work environment?

Upholding the Law
As an international company, In Old News LLC recognises the importance of complying with laws, rules and regulations wherever we do business. If there are any questions about the legality of contemplated actions, In Old News LLC will seek advice from the resource expert before proceeding.  

Conflict of Interest  
As a media company, In Old News LLC does not accept funds that will inhibit the organisation’s ability to report accurate and truthful information. If at any point there is a question of potential conflict of interest, In Old News LLC will disclose the nature of that potential conflict in a clear and transparent manner. We know this can be challenging sometimes, but it is crucial to uphold the trust our stakeholders have placed in us. In Old News LLC will return or refund any gifts that cost over $100 from any organisation that it may potentially report on. In Old News LLC will refrain from any activity that might potentially require them to act in favour of an organisation or individual over parameters such as merit.  Contractors working with In Old News LLC on specific projects are expected to voluntarily disclose any potential conflicts of interest.  Accounting Policy Any purchases or money transfers made on behalf of In Old News LLC will require written approval from Sanshey Biswas (editor@inold.news). Bank accounts will not be opened on behalf of the company without the approval and consent of Sanshey Biswas. Sanshey Biswas will also be the final signing authority on issuing petty cash, business credit cards, authorising new customers, payment of invoices, and purchasing assets and equipment.  Where it is decided that a bank account is no longer necessary, Sanshey Biswas will authorise the closure of the bank account. He will also be responsible for providing any clarifications needed against budgets or transactions.  

Appointment of Contractor
The appointment of a new contractor (for training work, or for reporting projects) need to be authorised by Sanshey Biswas. All the relevant details of the contractor will be entered into the financial records of In Old News LLC.  

Equipment Asset Purchases
All equipment and asset purchases must be entered in the financial records of In Old News LLC with the following details included: Date of purchase, supplier, make, model, warranty/guarantee information.

Document Retention
It is advised that a copy of any document or communication about In Old News LLC operations and activities should be submitted to editor@inold.news. This is to ensure consistency and transparency in our project management.  Financial Reporting In Old News LLC keeps record of all expenses incurred through the financial year, including tax filings. These expenses can also be recorded on a per-project basis, on prior requests by donors or clients. Specific requests for financial reports can also be submitted to Sanshey Biswas (editor@inold.news).