Looking for a Good Camera Phone? Here's Where You Can Begin Your Search

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Mihika Jindal
December 16, 2020

iven how we are perpetually glued to our smartphones, the fact that we invest an uncanny amount of time and energy in selecting it makes complete sense. Be it the functionality, good looks, striking features or a fancy logo on the back cover, we all hold our devices as an extension of our being. But it’s almost the end of the year so, it’s time for the ‘Best in Year’ truth bombs to start dropping.  

Tech YouTuber Marquees Brownlee held the giant blind smartphone camera test for the third time this year. It’s a strictly non-scientific, crowdsourced virtual polling event where 16 phones from the year past go into a poll-war on social media where pictures clicked from each of these phones are pitted against each other for users to vote from for a winner to emerge.  

If you’re thinking your latest iPhone, Google Pixel or OnePlus is going to reassure you that you’re holding the phone with the best picture taking capacity...you’re in for a surprise. Mi 20 Pro took the title in 2018 and Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ in 2019: it’s anybody’s game, really. The result for the best smartphone camera through a blind test is in for this year too. Now, we could tell you who the winner is but that would spoil the fun of this video that, besides the winner, is also packed with some very interesting insights:

While we all want to own the best, what really is the best? With the market flooded with options in every price range and brands beating each other in the race to pack as many features as possible in a competitive price, we’re, in fact, spoilt for choice.  

If you’re hooked like us, here are the result videos from the last two years:

YEAR 2019:

YEAR 2018:


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