YouTube Rewind is Cancelled This Year

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Mihika Jindal
December 3, 2020

2020 will always be remembered as the year that just kept taking—be it lives, joy, jobs, freedom, or peace of mind in its entirety. And while we’re barely four weeks away from bidding this calendar monster a goodbye, it’s still refusing to mend its ways.  

YouTube Rewind, a tradition that the online giant has been following ever since 2010, announced via their Twitter handle that they’d not be doing one this year because, “2020 has been different. And it doesn’t feel right to carry on as if it weren’t”.

YouTube Rewind is the platform’s effort to collate all the trends in the past year to say thank you to all its creators, package it in a fun way and give everyone a ride down the year that was. No elaborate reason has been spelled out so far for the decision to not do a Rewind this year, but we’re thinking it might be for the better…since no one wants to revisit 2020. Do we?  

This annual celebration has its independent history of peaks and valleys. While it was a big thing in its initial years, last couple of editions have been thoroughly criticized. Enough that the YouTube Rewind 2018: Everyone Control Rewind gathered 18 million dislikes, becoming the most disliked YouTube video of all times: a fact that the platform owned up to last year in the introduction of the 2019 Rewind, and again now in this year’s announcement. What a bummer!

The announcement to cancel the Rewind this year has met mixed reactions on Twitter. While some users on this announcement thread are whole heartedly accepting of YouTube’s decision, others are criticizing the decision. After all, taking away an internet constant in the year everyone just sat streaming things online through the year has got to make people mad.

Some are pure angry at the decision because they believe that creators worked extra hard this year to create content that could lessen the pandemic blues.

But the majority—no surprises there—are busy trolling the platform. Is YouTube using this year as a scapegoat to get out of doing Rewinds at all? Or what will reactions video react to this year if not for a terrible collection of overrated content creators? Or thank goodness none of us will have to endure the compilation of clickbait content and low IQ influencers.  

YouTube Rewind coming back in 2021 is just as certain as the pandemic ending in 2021. So, until we hear something from the official sources, here’s last year’s Rewind…just to remind you of the good ol’ non-pandemic days.


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