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1Password provides free accounts to people working in certain professions.

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July 2020

1Password has joined the legions of services that have removed restrictions of free versions of apps while the world grapples with Covid-19. A notification on their website reads, "Removing trial limits to help businesses work securely from home." But this isn't the first time they've offered their increasingly essential app for free. Or the second...

A post on May 3, 2019 (World Press Freedom Day) explains how journalists can use 1Password's paid version for free. All you have to do is sign up here: 1password.com/for-journalism and submit a few details like links to journalistic work. And they'll get back to you once they've evaluated the application — which in our case was super quick. Pro Tip: Be descriptive and polite — not just because it helps, but because it's nice. Especially since they also consider freelancers and not just employees of organisations affiliated to journalism.

Before that, in 2018, a port by their Chief Operations Optimist, Matt Davey also announced that 1Password was upgrading accounts for individuals who might often be targeted by malicious hacking, "We want to help you do that. Whether you're running for office, ensuring elections run fairly, or protecting people's rights, we'd like to offer you a completely free 1Password account to thank you for the essential work you do for society," said Matt. And asks anyone who fits the bill to reach out avail the 1Password for Democracy offering.

So, whether you're eligible for the two programs or someone resorting to remote work to practice social distancing, a little extra security doesn't hurt. And definitely saves time from looking through cryptic diary entries and sticky notes.