Mobile Journalism Fellowship Opportunity [Applications Closed]

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In Old News and Internews are accepting applications for a mobile journalism fellowship.

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Mobile Journalism Fellowship
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October 2020


The In Old News Fellowship is taking applications for the first batch of mobile journalism (MoJo) fellows. In this 3-month fellowship by InOld.News and, journalists will learn how to make the most of their phones to present stories of people and their interactions with rights, policy, and culture.  

While journalists who already use phones for making videos are welcome, it’s not a skill required to apply for this fellowship. All you need is an interest in MoJo and the time to attend weekly sessions. During these sessions, you will learn the theoretical and practical aspects of producing video stories using just your phone.  

Journalists have been breaking news and covering stories using their phones for years, and events like the lockdowns have increased the need for mobile journalism skills. So, we’re calling journalists from across India to apply for a fellowship to cover stories that they are passionate about, using their mobile phones. We will provide everything from skill development, production support, equipment, and the opportunity to apply for grants to produce and publish these stories.  

The deadline for the first round of applications is 26 October 2020. Training begins in the first week of November. And you can find the application form here:

By the end of this fellowship, you will be equipped to single-handedly execute a video story. Through the fellowship, you’ll be given the tools to learn how to report safely in sensitive situations, keep your sources and information secure, study video ethics, and learn to optimise content for search and social platforms. While video is an integral part of the program, you will also actively learn to apply other mobile skills across multiple mediums and journalism projects.  

You will be joined by journalists from across India. This program will offer an opportunity to connect with a network of mobile journalists to collaborate with and learn from.  

You will also be provided with basic gear, editorial and technical support over calls or messaging. The program is designed for both full-time journalists and freelancers. So, our webinar schedule will be flexible and conscious of every fellow’s availability. On an average, it will take you around 4 hours per week, to attend the webinars and work on stories to add to your portfolio.