Mobile Journalism webinars for Indian Journalists

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Our contributors are doing MoJo Workshops through August 2020 with Facebook Journalism Project in India.

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Webinar for Facebook Journalism Project
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July 2020

The latest training session on Mobile Journalism (MoJo) hosted by the Facebook Journalism Project India have been a regular feature every Wednesday. The trainings are lead by Manon Verchot, Digital Editor at MongabaySanshey Biswas, Freelance Journalists. They've been training journalists to shoot and edit videos on their phones since they met in 2017 at Hindustan Times — one of India's biggest newspaper.

The FJP India Mobile Journalism training series kicked off with an introductory AMA. This first session delved into the definition of mobile journalism, and some of the basic tools and resources.

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Over the coming weeks, Sanshey and Manon will continue to host sessions on how to make the most of mobile phones, and how to build mojo-based editorial workflows. Sign up to this newsletter so you don’t miss any notifications about upcoming trainings.

Many introductions to MoJo start with video training, because video is a great entry point to other formats like photography, audio, Stories and Lives. And there are so many apps (both free and paid) that allow for video experimentation. Some of these tools, like face filters, may start out as tools for having fun, but they also have very practical applications for journalists.

For example, an app called Anonymous Camera, allows journalists to hide the identity of their sources. This can be really useful when a source’s safety is in jeopardy if they are identified, or when journalists are legally required to conceal the identity of a source.

Though Anonymous Camera is only available on iOS currently, there are many other face filter apps that exist. And the makers of Anonymous Camera may one day release on Android.